Carmel Mountain Ranch Drone Flyover (4K) – The Trails at Carmel Mountain Ranch – August 13, 2023

As Lennar Homes continues development of The Trails at Carmel Mountain Ranch, the landscape is changing dramatically.

We’re having our drone videographer periodically fly over the area, so that we and our fellow CMR residents can observe the changes over time.

In previous videos, we have seen significant changes to units #1, #8, #9, #10, and #11.

In this latest video, we can now see substantial changes to unit #2. Unit #7 is also changing quite dramatically. In past videos, you will notice lots of trees on unit #7, which are now removed in preparation for the installation of one of three new San Diego City parks in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Unit 7 will become Shoal Creek Park. The northern section of unit 15 will become Eastbourne Park, and the southern portion of unit 13 will become Walden Park.

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You can see detailed plans and maps for the different sites here:

*We are not affiliated with Lennar Homes. We’re posting this content for the purpose of keeping our neighbors in CMR informed about what’s happening in the community.

*Video credit – Matt Pitta at In-Draft Flight and Film
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